Cool things on amazon

Cool things on amazon

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Cool things on amazon

  • Are you searching Cool Things on Amzon
  • Do you want to know about Cool Products, which is available on Amazon

If you are looking for cool products on amazone then thise article for you,because today in thise article i will going to tell you  Cool things on amazon

 Cool things on amazon

image of  Cool things on amazon

World’s Smallest and Handheld Microphone

i bet you never seen something like thise before you can purchase thise product on only for 200Rs its come with nice packaging just look at the below image and you can see the size of microfone its so tiny,along with thise tiny mic you also get some other accesories you get all of things at only 200RS quite a nice deal right

Cool things on amazon

image of  World’s Smallest and Handheld Microphone



 1 Mini Handeld Mic
 2 Cable Length1.8 Met
 3 Freq Response 20 Hz – 16 KHZ
 4 S>n Ration 60 Db
 5 Impedance 2.2 Ohm
 6 Sensitivity -47 DB (db = 1V / bar
 7 Operating  Voltage 1.5 to 12 V

its a Plug and Play microphone its use on PC,Laptop,Camera and also on Mobile Phones

Unboxing :

Its feel very light in hand the build quality is also very nice its made up of Aluminium its 1.8 meter cable with 3.5 mm jack of the end now check other accesories for tiny microphone you can get tiny little shield its look cute  you also have mic holder in that package  it can be really handy you can plzce your mic in that mic holder so thise are items you will get in that package

Chekout Microphone :

Build quality of microphone is just amazing the body of microphone is made up of Aluminium  and the metal mesh of the top the quality of the mesh also look good thise microphone is rarely use its a plug and play mic it has 3.5 mm jack of end of the cable so you can jst plug it into pc laptop moble and cameras its also have 3.5 mm female jack to connect your headphones

So that was all about the smallest microphone and don’t expect proffesional quality results from it its only cool gadget that will get it only for 200Rs and that price it is great microphone thise thing is available on banggood

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