Top Best Inspiring Motivational Speaker in india 2018

Top Best Inspiring Motivational Speaker in india 2018 : Sandeep Maheshwari sir is one of India’s top entrepreneurs, but the people know Sir as the more motivated speaker than entrepreneur So now let me tell you a few success stories of Sandeep Sir that how he became a successful entrepreneur and a motivational speaker So today’s article is going to be more energized You have already understood why this article going more energized.Because Today in thise article i will tell You ” Top Best Inspiring Motivational Speaker in india 2018 ”

Sandeep Sir say “Success comes from Experience and Experience Comes from bad experiances”


IMAGE OF sandeep maheshwari

Sandeep sir starts his journey from Delhi, when he was 15-16 years old, he lived in Delhi. A few days later his father’s aluminum business sank And the financial problem started at home now he opened a small shop of p.c.o but no solution came out and the shop was closed.

His regular life style started again, meeting with friends began to be fun, but a turning point in his life came when he and his friends were sitting

Then he asked his friend what to do after the college ended, so his friend said that he will run the family business

Sir then Sir was clicked on the head and he got out of it and he locked himself in a room for a few days, and he started thinking that he is my friend who will run his home business but what will I do?

he fits into the mind that “I have to do something” now it was not known what to do but there was definitely something to do

thise time he had followed his passion, and for many months, he used to click the photos of the people at home, but how many days it was going to last, now he had to do something bigger now he reached the “Limca World Record”

And within 10 hours they clicked 10000 photos of more than 100 models and recorded their name in the “Limca World Records”

Now his small business has become a top-level business of India, now his dreams came true, then he launched the website named in 2005.

there was such content in this website that nobody had ever made in India. On this website there were photos of India which had a photos sell and even today the sell is

He had become a successful entrepreneur, but now He did not want to limit her experience to himself, He wanted to share experience with everyone.

That’s why they started free seminars and began to share their experiments with everyone and people started getting Motivated due to their seminars

Sandeep Sir said that while doing seminars, he choose a place where he could share his experience with all the people at the same time and that place was named Youtube

on  Youtube there is a YouTube channel called Sandeep Maheshwari, where he uploads the video of the Motivation video free, he did not enable the monitisation of those videos, so he does not earn money from Youtube and he is not interested to earn money from here


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